Hartwood Enterprises was formed in 2006.

We are a leading Kenyan Company with 15 years experience in medical supplies.
We have a competent Staff & Technical Support Team.

We represent Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM) in USA, UK, India & China who can manufacture as per customer’s specifications.
Our prices are competitive and we have special offers coupled with strong catalogue and web support for your sales.

More than just your typical medical supply company, we at Hartwood Enterprises work hard to provide our clients/customers quality products for professional use. Our company is founded on two major beliefs:

to deliver superior medical supplies at competitive prices and to provide reliable & compassionate customer service.

Our Clientele

We supply medical products to Non-Governmental Organisations, Government Institutions/Institutions, Doctors’ Clinics in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

We work on a Just in Time (JIT) system and we are proudly able to meet all our customers’ needs.

No order is too BIG or too small for us!